Covid the “gift that keeps on giving” Labour frontbencher tells City lawyers

Shadow Attorney General, Charlie Falconer described the Covid-19 pandemic to colleagues at his City law firm as a “gift that keeps on giving”, the Mail on Sunday has revealed.

The scoop rounds off a torrid week for Labour. On Wednesday, it was revealed the party was considering a plan to wrap itself in the national flag to woo Red Wall voters – it was stressed that the strategy only applied to the union jack, no English flags whatsoever, sparking a bitter internal dispute between strategists and patriotism loathing progressive activists.

The same day, Keir Starmer got into an aggressive confrontation with Boris Johnson over the PM’s claim the Labour leader had said Britain should join the EU’s struggling medicines agency. Starmer denied the accusation, before admitting he had made the recommendation after all.

Sir Keir’s earlier anti-monarchist stance was also exposed this week with his 2005 comment, “I often used to propose the abolition of the monarchy”.

Even before these calamities, Labour found itself behind the Tories in the polls thanks to the government’s successful vaccine roll-out. Crucially, Boris’s appeal moved four points ahead of Starmer, Labour’s great white hope as a unifying moderate force.

Now Labour HQ is scrambling to salvage the party’s reputation after another disastrous setback courtesy of Blairite Remainer, Lord Falconer.

Falconer, who has served as either a Labour minister or shadow minister on and off for most of the last twenty-four years, also has a lucrative legal career. His firm, Gibson Dunn reportedly pays partners £2.5 million a year on average.

At an online meeting in June, Falconer explained “how the law has been changed by Covid” to the firm’s staff.

In his opening comments, he said: “This is a gift that keeps on giving, the law keeps on changing, keeps on getting more complicated, and is always interesting.” At the time, more than 40,000 people in the UK had already died of Covid.

In September, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, Kate Green, described the Covid outbreak as a “good crisis” for Labour to exploit.

Tory Chairman, Amanda Milling pounced on the revelation: “One Shadow Minister previously said this awful pandemic was a ‘good crisis’ for the Labour Party. Now, these troubling comments by another Shadow Minister emerge.

“All of this sums up Labour’s approach throughout the pandemic, which has been to play politics at every opportunity.”

A source close to Lord Falconer told the Mail: “Charlie was referring to the pace at which the Government is making changes to the law.

“He regrets his choice of words, which he understands could be misinterpreted.”