1.2 million illegals granted amnesty to register for Covid-19 jab

The government has granted an amnesty for illegal immigrants to encourage them to come forward for a Covid-19 vaccination, it has emerged.

No action will be taken against any individual living illegally in Britain if they register with a GP in order to receive their jab.

There is limited data to quantify the precise number of undocumented migrants living in Britain however a Reuters fact check last year suggested the number could be as high as 1.2 million.

Health minister Ed Argar confirmed the policy on Monday morning after the initial scoop by the Daily Mail. He told LBC: “What we’re saying here is first of all no one will get their vaccination out of turn, as it were, we will still follow the scientific advice and everything else.

“But what we’ve said throughout with this disease is that it isn’t interested in looking for victims, it’s not worried about their immigration status or anything else.

“So we have said, absolutely right, that those people will be entitled to the vaccine at the right time.”

Natalie Elphicke, Conservative MP for Dover, said: “Once people are in our country, it’s in all our interests to contain the virus. So vaccinating everyone whose turn it is on public health grounds, in the end, will protect us all.”

Alp Mehmet of MigrationWatch UK said the organisation could “see the common sense” behind the policy “at a time of nationl emergency” but stated it is a “matter of regret that successive governments have been reluctant to come up with solid research on how many people there are in this country with irregular status.

“It would be short-sighted and a wasted opportunity if the Government does not now keep thorough records of how many illegal immigrants come forward. That would be absolutely batty.”

Despite the eye-watering estimates already residing in the country, tackling illegal immigration continues to be problematic for the Home Office.

Dozens more migrants reached British soil over the weekend in small boats from the continent and last year Europol confirmed over 15,000 migrants attempted to cross the Channel – a record year and a surge in numbers that despite the cold weather has shown no sign in slowing down.