More Remainers think Brexit was right decision than Leavers think it was wrong

More Remain voters believe Brexit was the right decision for the country than Leavers think it was the wrong one, new polling reveals.

Latest YouGov polling published today shows that 10 per cent of those who voted Remain in the 2016 referendum believe that in hindsight, Britain was right to leave the European Union.

On the contrary, just 8 per cent of Leave voters think the nation was wrong to leave.

84 per cent of Leavers still back the decision they made five years ago, whilst 82 per cent of Remainers stand by their initial vote.

10 per cent of Liberal Democrat voters in the 2019 election also believed the country had now taken the right path post-Brexit.

The margins are slim but the data rebuts claims made by the Remain commentariat that overwhelmingly more Leave voters are regretting the collective decision taken by the country in 2016.

Regular content is pushed by left-wing publications desperately attempting to convince the public of this narrative of ‘Brexit regret’, as seen in the Guardian, the New European and the London Economic, but reality tells a different story.

The fieldwork for the poll was conducted on 2-3 February, just days after the latest gaffe by the European Commission surrounding Northern Ireland.

The protectionist measures taken by the Commission in restricting exports of EU-manufactured vaccines to non-EU nations without approval from Brussels, and the subsequent invocation of Article 16, essentially implementing a hard vaccine border on the island of Ireland did not go down well with almost anyone on the British Isles.

Whether the Commission’s antics over Covid-19 vaccinations has proven to be a factor is not considered in the polling questions.

The geographic divide across the United Kingdom still remains with Scotland and London overwhelmingly considering Brexit to be the wrong decision, with the rest of England and Wales backing Brexit. Northern Irish citizens were not included in the sample.