Stop Funding Hate tries to shut down GB News before it has even launched

There has been an orchestrated attack by liberal activists to suffocate the upcoming GB News channel with an advertising boycott before the channel has even launched.

Campaigners at the Stop Funding Hate organisation have been calling on its supporters to lobby online retailers, threatening to boycott their companies should they choose to advertise on the new broadcaster.

The organisation claims it will be a “British Fox News” channel, the beginning of “Foxification” of UK news. It recently tweeted that the aim of the campaign is to make “toxic media unprofitable thereby reducing the financial incentives for publishing inflammatory and divisive content.”

This is despite the channel in question not actually having launched or even recruited the majority of its presenters yet.

GB News recently revealed its plans to launch later this year, promising to be “a boldly different 24-hour television and digital news service.”

Its chairman, legendary broadcaster Andrew Neil said the group was “confident there’s an appetite for a fresh approach to news in Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.”

Writing in the Sunday Express last weekend, Mr Neil said he believes debate in Britain has become “too metropolitan, too southern and too middle-class.”

He added: “Some journalists and commentators seem too confident that their liberal-left assumptions must surely be shared by every sensible person in the land.”

Remainer liberal barrister, Jolyon Maugham, infamous for his legal challenges to Brexit is supporting the Stop Funding Hate campaign, describing GB News enthusiasts as “Hard Right” and tweeting: “Do mainstream advertisers want to associate with that agenda because it’s pretty clear that if they do they will be boycotted.”

Piers Morgan called out the campaign, branding the organisers “halfwits”.

Mail on Sunday commentator Dan Hodges called the campaign against the new broadcaster “utterly ridiculous”, reminding the hard-left organisation that “we have regulated broadcast media in the UK… If you think it’s breaking those regulation wait until it goes on air, then produce your evidence. The attempt at a ‘pre-boycott’ is ludicrous.”

Andrew Neil lashed out at the “woke warriors” behind Stop Funding Hate, accusing them of trying to stir up an advertising boycott for “a channel that hasn’t even started broadcasting.”

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