Labour-led Welsh government blew thousands on “virtue-signalling” monument audit

Wales’ Labour-led administration spent £17,000 in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic to pay for a study that singled out 209 monuments, buildings, and street names for their alleged links to the slave trade.

The report has been slammed for its inaccuracy and its wastefulness, with many suggesting sloppy research and numerous errors.

A street called Drake Close is linked to British maritime hero Sir Francis Drake without substantial evidence, while a pub with RAF links – named after the Wellington bomber – has been tarred for links to the historical Duke of Wellington.

The Duke of Wellington was one of the great military heroes of the Napoleonic Wars and leader of the allied forces at Waterloo. He went on to serve as Prime Minister twice, but has become a target for hate in the wake of mad BLM protests.

In spite of manifest errors, First Minister Mark Drakeford laughably claimed that “this audit provides important evidence which helps us establish an honest picture of our history.”

Offering common sense, the leader of the Welsh Tories Andrew RT Davies said: “Like all countries, our history is not perfect – but we should seek to learn from our mistakes rather than rewrite the past.

“Tearing down statues is not the answer, and neither is judging historical figures by today’s standards.

“We are in the middle of a global pandemic and the Welsh Government should focus its attention on beating COVID rather than fighting culture wars.”

Former Tory MP and current interim UKIP leader Neil Hamilton, who serves as Senedd Member for Mid and West Wales spoke to the Mail and said that “Wales’ Labour Government starves the NHS while wasting taxpayers’ money on a virtue-signalling audit of statues as today’s politically-correct non-entities try to erase the memory of Welsh heroes like General Sir Thomas Picton, the highest-ranking officer killed at Waterloo.”

The revelation will be all the more embarrassing for Labour in the wake of leaks showing that the party intends to shift towards a new patriotism strategy, by making use of the flag and British veterans to appeal to Red Wall voters.