Lord Frost: we need to see “a different spirit from the EU”

The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator and current Europe Adviser to Boris Johnson, Lord David Frost, has hit out at EU intransigence in a House of Lords committee today, warning the EU that they need to show “a different spirit” if post-Brexit relations are to function smoothly.

Reflecting on the functioning of the Brexit deal thus far, Frost said: “I think it has been more than bumpy in the last six weeks, I think it has been problematic.”

He also suggested that the EU is struggling to cope with the idea of a proud, independent United Kingdom, saying the UK wants “friendly cooperation between sovereign equals as our vision of the future” while the EU “is still adjusting somewhat, as we thought they might, to the existence of a genuinely independent actor in their neighbourhood.”

“Obviously there’s been a certain amount of disagreement over the vaccine issues, which in many ways have created political difficulties on the EU side” said the Brexit sherpa, highlighting British frustration with the EU’s malicious vaccine export threats and dangerous disinformation peddled by the likes of Emmanuel Macron about vaccine efficacy.

Bungling Brussels bureaucrats have messed up continental vaccine supply so badly that they even threatened to create a customs border on the island of Ireland a fortnight ago, while struggling French premier Macron has claimed the British AstraZeneca vaccine is barely effective on older patients – despite evidence to the contrary.

Lord Frost’s comments come in the wake of an ongoing row about the export of live shellfish to the corrupt bloc, which has been banned by Brussels bullies. British environment minister George Eustice has refused to rule out boarding European fishing vessels in retaliation, to ensure they’re following UK laws in sovereign British waters.

The situation is so indefensible that even a top MEP from Emmanuel Macron’s own Europhile party has blasted the EU’s decision, saying it “doesn’t make any sense.”