Sadiq Khan condemned as new London “diversity commissioners” named

London mayor Sadiq Khan has been condemned as his new diversity commissioners have been unveiled.

The commission was announced by Khan last summer as a kneejerk reaction to worldwide riots that broke out in the wake of the death of violent American felon George Floyd.

The riots included numerous moments when monuments were desecrated by radical left-wing activists, and led to Khan vowing a review of London statues and and street names.

His commissioners have now been named and many are disturbed by their overt political leanings.

One of the commissioners, Lynette Nabbosa, wrote an article last October claiming that “the UK seems to be the common denominator in atrocities across the world. No matter where you find examples of white supremacy, all roads lead back to my country of birth.”

Another, Aindrea Emelife, wrote about the lawless removal of a Bristol statue of philanthropist Edward Colston: “Today, as Surge of Power (Jen Reid) 2020 stands on its plinth, the Colston statue sits on a concrete floor in a wooden container locked up by the council, covered in scratches from where it was dragged across the asphalt, hands and face spray-painted red for blood. That’s karma for you.”

Actor Riz Ahmed also found his way onto the panel. He’s described Boris Johnson as “an out-and-out complete cunt” and accused the PM of being “overtly racist”.

Khan’s Tory opponent for the mayoralty, Shaun Bailey, hit back at the Mayor and said: “London is a city built on history — sometimes bad, more often good, and always complicated. But Sadiq Khan wants to reduce our history to politics.

“A commission of fifteen unelected activists should not get to decide which statues to pull down and which streets to rename — which history my children are allowed to see.

“My preference is always to put up new statues instead of tearing down old ones. That’s how we truly celebrate our black role models and pioneering women.”