Travellers charged a bomb as taxpayers fork out for migrants to stay in four-star hotels

Asylum seekers are being housed in luxurious hotels whilst travellers to the UK being forced to quarantine are paying over the odds for less glamorous, lower star hotels just down the road, a MailOnline investigation has revealed.

International arrivals from certain countries will soon be subject to mandatory quarantine at the cost of £1,750 for ten days. The instruction from the government is an attempt to combat the spread of Covid-19 variants, such as those discovered in Brazil and South Africa which may lead to another surge in cases.

“Passengers will be given three meals each day, with security ensuring they do not leave the hotel”, it was recently reported.

The Mail understands that the Thistle Hotel serving Heathrow Terminal 5 may be on the list of hotels. It was described by recent TripAdvisor guests as “truly terrible”, “woeful”, “cramped, outdated and shabby”.

“Absolutely disgusting room. Bathroom was dirty, peeling paint, rusty soap dish and bath handle, dirty shower curtain, black mould on tiles and on windows overall unacceptable. Room dirty and cold.”

A disgruntled customer who recently gave the hotel a 1-star review

In response, hotel management pledged to “continue to work to improve the standard of the rooms and facilities”.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are footing the bill for hundreds of asylum seekers currently being housed at the Crowne Plaza less than three miles down the road after the Home Office reportedly block-booked the four-star hotel until March.

This is despite two migrant detention centres a matter of minutes away having hundreds of spaces.

The Crowne Plaza by Heathrow is unavailable until March 1 having been block-booked by the Home Office, reports MailOnline

The Home Office may be reluctant to transfer the migrants to immigration centres similar to Napier Barracks in Folkestone after its previous residents torched the accommodation and assaulted police officers as they protested for their freedom.

Conservative MP Sir John Hayes told the Mail: “This is a ridiculous situation. Hotels are not the best place for asylum seekers. They should be in secure accommodation or else we risk them disappearing into the black economy or being exploited.”

Alp Mehmet, from the Migration Watch UK think tank said: “This is a frankly barmy situation. The Government is struggling to find hotel rooms for travellers to quarantine in, but there are hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers staying in a hotel right next to the airport. You couldn’t make it up.”