Barmy Labour document wants reparation payouts and votes for rapists

A Labour party policy document drafted up by the party’s external governance officer Seán Patrick Griffin has called for the abolition of the honours system, the introduction of votes for prisoners, and reparations payouts for former countries of the Empire.

The report, “produced on behalf of the Labour Party” by the party staffer, says Britain should offer payouts to former parts of the Empire and make “an unreserved apology to all of the countries of the world that the Empire invaded and negatively impacted” as part of a new cringe-inducing constitution.

“In addition, the British state should set up a reparations fund as part of the constitution,which offers financial assistance to communities across the world that can show loss and detriment as a result of the actions of the British state.”

The report also calls for prisoners to be given the right to vote – an idea that Starmer himself paid lip service to in the 1990s, when he warned that “it is difficult to argue that the denial of the right to vote to prisoners is a ‘reasonable’ restriction which can be justified.” Supporters of the Labour leader have reiterated that those words were legal analysis, not a personal point of view.

The new party document suggests that the voting age be lowered to just 16 and for voting rights to be given to “all UK citizens over the age of 16 years without qualification. This would include a right to vote for prisoners who are UK citizens.”

The move would allow paedophiles, rapists, and serial killers to have a say in the selection of MPs.

It also says that a new constitution “should make clear, for example, that every person born in the UK is a UK citizen” even though Britain does not currently have birthright citizenship. The practice in America has encouraged heavily pregnant women to hop the dangerous Mexican border and secure citizenship rights for her child.

The ideas come from a new publication called Remaking The British State, overseen by Labour peer Pauline Bryan and writtern by Griffin, which also calls for our historic honours system to be scrapped and replaced with a new “civic award”.

It claims to be “a first attempt at informing the much-needed debate that is required within the Party” and “aspires to imagine what a democratic socialist constitution for the UK might look like.”

The report will embarrass Keir Starmer, who has been told to position himself as a patriot to win back millions of Red Wall voters who ditched Labour and swung to Boris Johnson in the Tories’ stunning 2019 landslide. Supporters of the current Labour leader insist that the document is a hangover of the Corbyn era.