Farage takes aim at Sadiq Khan’s outrageous London statue review

Brexit icon Nigel Farage has hit out at Sadiq Khan’s recently unveiled diversity commissioners in a new warning that Labour faces electoral ruin if it continues to attack British heritage.

In a missive to nearly a quarter of a million subscribers on YouTube, the Reform UK leader warns that “when it comes to changing British history, when it comes to demonizing our former heroes, I suspect we ain’t seen nothing yet” before discussing the track records of the new commissioners.

Khan, whose democratic mandate expired last May amid the coronavirus pandemic, has been roundly condemned for appointing a panel that includes Lynette Nabbosa – who once claimed that “the UK seems to be the common denominator in atrocities across the world” – alongside an activist who once disrupted a service at Westminster Abbey attended by the Queen, shouting “you should be ashamed”.

Farage warned Labour leader Keir Starmer that if he “cannot rein in Khan, his identity politics, his willful adoption of cancel culture, then the Labour Party will lose by even more votes at the next election than Jeremy Corbyn did at the last.”

Many wiser figures within Labour will take heed of Farage’s words, given his huge appeal to traditional Red Wall Labour voters who abandoned the party in 2019 and backed Boris Johnson’s pro-Brexit Tories.

Academic research has suggested that Farage, as leader of both UKIP and the Brexit Party, broke apart traditional party loyalties and encouraged a political realignment around patriotic values.

Starmer’s party has now been told to embrace the flag and British veterans in a ploy to win back support, but those moves could be stymied by reports that Sir Keir wanted the monarchy abolished.

A barmy new Labour document, reported on earlier today, also calls for reparations for former members of the British Empire and suggests giving voting rights to rapists, serial killers, and convicted paedophiles.