British war heroes in firing line as BLM activists protest beloved statues in Glasgow

Black Lives Matter activists in Glasgow have held socially distanced protests this morning, demanding that local authorities “sack the racists” by tearing down beloved statues celebrating two of Britain’s greatest war heroes.

The sad, poorly attended protests centered on monuments to British military icons John Moore and Lord Roberts, with prominent statues in George Square and Kelvingrove Park respectively.

Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore is best known for his heroic leadership of allied forces against Napoleon at the Battle of Corunna, where he died in action for his country.

His successful stand against the French forces allowed thousands of British troops to successfully retreat off the north coast of Spain, with Moore succumbing to his battle wounds after hearing of the mission’s success.

Field Marshal Frederick Sleigh Roberts is an even more significant figure in British military history, winning a Victoria Cross for gallantry and leading our boys to victory in the Second Boer War after a long and distinguished record of military service. In later life, he made several prescient warnings about the rising threat of the German Empire before the outbreak of the First World War.

But their record of service to their country is secondary to their alleged racism, according to left-wing activists.

The BLM protesters taped a tedious missive to the Moore statue this morning, highlighting his role in putting down a rebellion in the Caribbean and decrying the fact that abolition is often attributed “to the political efforts of well-connected white people”.

The trite note directs readers to a website that presents a “crowdsourced” map of UK monuments that “celebrate slavery and racism”. It targets iconic British heroes like Sir Francis Drake and Horatio Nelson.

Such protests are becoming a common occurrence in Britain, with left-wing activists pushing to have nearly 70 British monuments trashed since worldwide riots broke out over the death of American criminal George Floyd.

The protesters also advertised an upcoming “Anti-Racism Day” promoted by the globalist United Nations organisation, which is due to occur on March 20th.