Two teens found guilty of sick machete gang slaying in London

Two teenagers have been found guilty of murder after slaying Santino Dymiter in broad daylight back in August 2019. The killers were just 14 and 16 years old when the blade attack took place.

The horrific attack took place at Plaistow in the London Borough of Newham in East London and was said to be linked to a gang dispute between the Chadd Green gang of Dymiter and another outfit called the Beckton Boys.

The killers arrived at the scene of their crime in a stolen car at twenty minutes past three in the afternoon, and proceeded to attack Dymiter with machetes. Prosecutor Jake Hallam QC described the attack as a “succession of terrible slashing and stabbing blows”, leaving Dymiter’s white t-shirt drenched in blood.

The two convicted culprits were wearing electronic tags at the time, after serving a stint for a kidnapping and blackmail plot the year prior, allowing authorities to track their movements and bust them for their horrific machete rampage.

Sick killer Rahiem Anderson, now 18, bragged about his vile crime to fellow inmates at the Cookham Wood Young Offenders’ Institution.

“The machete got stuck in his head…” he said, “yeah, the blood splashed on my face. When I pulled the knife out of his head, the blood was a mad thing. Then I shanked him again. It was funny, my man was laughing.”

The conviction adds to an already horrific picture of crime in the capital, with the nation being left shocked two weeks back when 10 people were brutally stabbed in Croydon in a single night – a series of knifings that was all the more sickening because of their apparent randomness.

On Monday this website reported on yet more horrific scenes of violence in London over the weekend, with a lad being stabbed in a park in front of hundreds of people while another was found impaled by a crossbow bolt at a train station.