Government demands Red Khan disbands his diversity commission intent on “airbrushing” Britain’s cultural heritage

Housing minister Christopher Pincher has written to London mayor Sadiq Khan, demanding the disbandment of his woke diversity commission.

The commission has been tasked with reviewing London’s historic statues, monuments and street names as Mr Khan seeks to ensure the city’s landmarks reflect its modern-day diverse population.

And in a government offensive in the war on woke, Mr Pincher has questioned the legitimacy of a panel which consists of very few historians and many unquestionably left-wing activists. He also expressed concern about the £250,000 of taxpayers’ money being used to fund the commission.

In a letter published by, Mr Pincher wrote: “Putting some of London’s most important pieces of history into the hands of 15 activists, the majority of whom are not historians is a regrettable decision.

“On top of the enormous costs, some very troubling statements by your panelists, such as praising the ‘guerrilla style’ removal of statues, have been made public. These will not command public confidence or support.

“As London Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has said, this commission will neither heal divisions nor promote inclusivity.

“I strongly encourage you to disband this commission without delay and put a stop to efforts to strip London of its history.

“It is in the city’s own interests – and that of future generations – that heritage and tradition is given robust protection and not airbrushed away. I believe you have a duty to provide that protection.”

Foxhole News has looked into some of the activists on the commission and their radical, far-left backgrounds.

One of the commissioners, Lynette Nabbosa, wrote an article last October claiming that “the UK seems to be the common denominator in atrocities across the world. No matter where you find examples of white supremacy, all roads lead back to my country of birth.”

Another, Aindrea Emelife, wrote about the lawless removal of a Bristol statue of philanthropist Edward Colston: “Today, as Surge of Power (Jen Reid) 2020 stands on its plinth, the Colston statue sits on a concrete floor in a wooden container locked up by the council, covered in scratches from where it was dragged across the asphalt, hands and face spray-painted red for blood. That’s karma for you.”

Actor Riz Ahmed also found his way onto the panel. He’s described Boris Johnson as “an out-and-out complete cunt” and accused the prime minister of being “overtly racist.”

A fourth, filmaker Toyin Agbetu, once disrupted a service at Westminster Abbey attended by the Queen, shouting “you should be ashamed.”

The letter doubles down on the government’s commitment to protect Britain’s cultural heritage after housing and communities secretary Robert Jenrick recently announced new proposals to restrict the power of local authorities from tearing down Britain’s treasured statues and monuments without proper public consultation.