Nicola Sturgeon humiliated in new anti-SNP billboard campaign

Nicola Sturgeon has been left red-faced following the erection of a billboard campaign calling on the First Minister of Scotland to ‘do her job’ and accelerate Scotland’s vaccination roll-out instead of campaigning for Scottish independence.

The billboard poster above has been erected in Greenock, Inverclyde by non-party political campaign Scotland Matters, a group in favour of Scotland’s continued membership of the United Kingdom.

The poster reads: “Vaccination not Separation” with the personal message to Nicola Sturgeon of “Do your job, First Minister.”

On its website, the campaign group criticises the Scottish government for its sluggish vaccination roll-out which has lagged behind England in particular.

It highlights the missed government target of inoculating one million Scots by the end of January and the need for the British Army to be deployed to speed up the process.

Its last gripe is the general mismanagement and lack of organisation which has led to confusion and double-booked appointments leaving Scotland’s elderly population “queuing in sub-zero temperatures for hours.”

In a statement, Scotland Matters said: “We can only hope that the First Minister and her SNP Government put aside their fixation with Separation and concentrate on getting Scotland through this pandemic by vaccinating the people of Scotland as quickly as possible and not needlessly worrying them with the threat of another divisive and unwanted referendum on separation.”

Nicola Sturgeon’s recent antics to defy Westminster have brought strong criticism over her competence to see Scotland through the pandemic effectively.

Last month, she came under fire for vowing to disobey UK government demands by publishing details of the UK’s vaccine supplies, in a move that critics feared would undermine Britain’s vaccine roll-out programme.

And in a nod to her Europhile tendencies, Sturgeon has been berated this week for fuelling division again and instructing that the EU flag is flown from Scottish Government buildings rather than the Union flag.