Supreme Court to rule on ISIS bride Shamima Begum’s return, who Diane Abbott called a “grooming victim”

The UK Supreme Court will rule next week on whether or not jihadi bride Shamima Begum can return to Britain to challenge the removal of her British citizenship.

Begum, who left London in 2015 to join up with Islamic forces in Syria had her citizenship revoked by Sajid Javid when she was located in a Syrian refugee camp following the demise of the ISIS death cult.

She now wants to return to Britain and has used the courts to appeal the revocation of her citizenship.

The Court of Appeal held in July last year that Begum could return to Britain to challenge the decision, a ruling the Home Office called “very disappointing.”

It was given permission to appeal to the Supreme Court, whose judgment is expected to be given on Friday morning at 09:45 GMT.

Whilst conservative home secretaries Sajid Javid and Priti Patel have remained firm on refusing entry to Begum on grounds of national security, Labour opted for a more forgiving approach.

In an opinion piece for the Mirror written in February 2019 at the time Begum resurfaced in a Syrian refugee camp, then-shadow home secretary Diane Abbott blasted the “right-wing press” for chastising Begum and called her “a groomed and abused young women” who has witnessed “unimaginable horrors.”

Abbott called for the “desperate groomed teenager” to be allowed to “return home”, insisting there were “plenty of good reasons” to allow her to do so.

The ISIS death cult Begum chose to join instead of staying within a safe, liberal Western democracy was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths across the Middle East, in addition to committing atrocities and murdering innocent civilians across the Western world.