Vaccine triumph could see UK host entire Euro 2020 tournament

Brexit Britain could host the entire Euro 2020 tournament following the early stages of the incredible British vaccine roll-out, which could soon bear significant fruit and see Brits return to stands for live sports by this summer.

Britain’s vaccine scheme, which aims to offer a jab to every adult by the end of July, could pave the way for live audiences at the UEFA organised football tournament, which was postponed last summer amid the raging coronavirus pandemic.

Wembley Stadium was already scheduled to host the semi-finals and finals, but Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has now told the Union of European Football Associations that Brexit Britain is on track to let fans back into stadiums by the end of May – and official reports have hinted that the country stands ready to host the entire cup and rescue a summer of European footy.

The news follows hints from Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge last month that UEFA was mulling over plans to host the entire cup in one country.

Stunning figures from Our World in Data show how the UK is putting the EU to shame, with brilliant British healthcare workers doling out nearly five times more jabs than the EU per capita.

As of February 19th, the UK had delivered a whopping 26.3 jabs per 100 people while the EU was languishing with fewer than 6 doses per 100.

The UK is third in the world behind only Israel and the United Arab Emirates, where truly radical inoculation plans have been rolled out at immense pace.

Europe’s vaccine woes have been well documented in recent weeks, with bungling Eurocrats scrambling to deflect blame for their own massive screw-ups.

Reports last month revealed how meddling Brussels bureaucrats took control of European procurement and wasted months hashing out a deal with AstraZeneca that had already been negotiated by a number of leading member-states, putting continental vaccine production way behind schedule.