“Water Wars”: How Brexit Britain could retaliate against malicious Brussels shellfish ban

New reports from the Sunday Telegraph reveal how British government ministers are plotting to strike back at the European Union in retaliation against the bungling bloc’s malicious ban on live shellfish imports.

The plans could see the UK crack down on imports of European big hitters like mineral water and other food products, with a government source telling the paper that “there is thought being given to where we can leverage in other areas. We have continuity arrangements… we can stop these which means they won’t be able to sell their produce here.”

Environment secretary George Eustice has already taken a hard line against the Brussels bully boy tactics, and has even refused to rule out having British authorities board European fishing vessels in our sovereign waters to ensure foreign fishermen are obeying our laws.

He blasted the barmy ban earlier this month when he dubbed it “a misinterpretation of their own laws” before going on to warn Eurocrats that the measure “is unjustified”.

British sovereign waters, which returned to our control at the end of the Brexit transition period, are currently being patrolled by top Royal Navy gunboats that are superbly equipped to deal with a whole host of troubles thrown up by defiant European boats.

The EU’s warped shellfish ban is so nonsensical that even a top MEP ally of Europhile Emmanuel Macron has hit out at it. Pierre Karleskind, who is also a professional oceanographer, hit out at the Eurocrat move by saying that it “doesn’t make any sense” because “UK waters didn’t become dirty on December 31 at midnight”.

A future halt on imports of naff European produce could fall neatly into line with the buying priorities of a growing number of British consumers, with a whopping one in three already saying they’ve stopped buying European junk as growing numbers plan to buy British.