German tabloid envious of British unlock, blames EU for sluggish vaccine rollout

Germany’s biggest-selling tabloid, Bild has heaped praise on Brexit Britain for a vaccination roll-out that will hopefully lead to all lockdown restrictions being lifted by June.

In an article published late on Monday evening, its chief politics reporter, Hans-Jörg Vehlewald questioned why, when over a quarter of Britons had received their first jab and planned to unlock by the summer, was Germany shamefully lagging behind “mercilessly and severely.”

His conclusion? “Germany will not be able to catch up with the lead of the USA, Great Britain or Israel because the federal government passed all vaccine procurement over to the EU Commission.”

Vehlewald proceeds to blast the European Commission who in his view, “negotiated too bureaucratically, ordered too little, was too stingy.”

Just 4 per cent of Germans have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine according to the piece, whilst the US is at 13.3 per cent, Britain is on 26 per cent and Israel leads the way with 50.5 per cent of its citizens inoculated.

“There is nothing left of the corona world champion, as the federal government liked to portray our country after the first virus wave,” Vehledwald concludes.

Meanwhile, prime minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday the roadmap to unlock Britain, a step-by-step plan that will see life return to some level of normality by June 21.

Germany, as well as France, are in part paying the price for casting aspersions over the effectiveness of the Oxford Uni/AstraZeneca jab, with huge numbers in both countries now refusing it.

The claims over its efficacy originated in Germany when its Handelsblatt newspaper incorrectly claimed the jab was only 8% effective for the over-65s without providing any evidence.

The disinformation was quickly distributed and now the nation finds itself with millions of euros worth of the jab, and no-one to administer them to.

Experts in the country are now trying to extinguish the flames of fake news with Carsten Watzl of the German Society for Immunology recently clarifying: “To say that the AstraZeneca vaccine is second rate is completely off the mark, both scientifically and in terms of actual effects.”