Nigel Farage slams woke Coca-Cola after the soft-drinks giant tells employees to “be less white”

Nigel Farage has accused US giant Coca-Cola of having “lost their marbles” after the drinks giant was exposed for giving staff compulsory training on “how to be less white”.  

A whistle-blower exposed Coca-Cola for forcing an online training course on employees linking being white to a series of negative behaviours such as being ignorant, arrogant and oppressive.

The Brexit legend took to YouTube to have his say, telling supporters, “The inference here is clear, isn’t it? That white is bad. White means supremacist, white means you look down your noses at everybody else, white means you are guilty. And this is what Coca-Cola is foisting upon their employees in the USA.”

He went on to warn that unless more people in British politics spoke-out against courses such as those posed by Coca-Cola, these American woke corporate practices could make their way to the UK.

“Until we have more people, far more people, in British politics, and in British media, unafraid to stand up and tell the truth, unafraid of the extreme-left screaming racist at them, even though they know themselves that would not be true. Until we do this, I fear we continue down this route.”

Farage also took the chance to praise footballers, Lyle Taylor and Wilfried Zaha for their stance against “taking the knee” before fixtures, and for questioning the BLM movement.

Nottingham Forest striker Lyle Taylor said last week: “I would request anyone looks into Black Lives Matter to look into what that organisation does and what they stand for because it’s scandalous that the world and the world’s media has got behind Black Lives Matter.”

Farage commented: “We need the heroes, like the Lyle Taylors, like the Wilfried Zahs, because these are prominent black people in British societies with big fanbases, prepared to stand up and tell it like it is.”