Top boffin Chris Whitty blasts Guardian’s front page fake news

England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty has lashed out at the Guardian newspaper for inaccurately reporting his views on the government’s decision to re-open schools on March 8.

The left-wing newspaper ran an exclusive on Friday in which it claimed that Prof. Whitty was ‘very unhappy’ with the proposal put forward by the prime minister to unlock Britain’s schools in a fortnight.

The newspaper reported that a “row [had] broken out” as Whitty strongly resisted the plans.

The fake news story made the Guardian’s Saturday front page

However, at today’s press conference where the news was formally announced to the country that Britain’s schools would start to re-open from March 8, Whitty insists he told the Guardian reporters there was no truth to the story and yet they ran with it for Saturday’s front page anyway.

“I was rather surprised to read what I read, since I categorically denied it to the journalist involved,” said Whitty, “but they still printed it, that’s fine.”

Foxhole News has checked the Guardian’s ‘Corrections and clarifications’ page, last updated at 2100 GMT on Monday evening. Nothing…