Queen drummer Roger Taylor declares borders “a dreadful invention of mankind”

Drummer of legendary rock band Queen, Roger Taylor has launched a scathing attack on Brexit and the damage it is supposedly doing to the music industry.

Speaking to Radio 4’s ‘The World This Weekend’, the music icon also took aim at borders in general, calling them “a dreadful invention of mankind.”

“We are just putting up another one”, Taylor explained in reference to Britain’s new-found independence, “and I think it’s a dreadful retrograde step.”

Multi-millionaire Taylor joined a number of other top musicians in protesting against the Brexit deal agreed in December after it failed to secure visa-free rights for touring musicians, a move some say will cause considerable harm to the music industry.

Taylor was one many high-profile musicians who signed an open letter accusing the government of “shamefully failing” the music industry over the Brexit deal.

“The extra costs will make many tours unviable, especially for young emerging musicians who are already struggling to keep their heads above water owing to the COVID ban on live music,” the letter read. “This negotiating failure will tip many performers over the edge.”

Both sides blame each other over the absence of an EU-wide scheme securing musicians’ rights to undertake paid work across the bloc.

Last month, culture secretary Oliver Dowden denied claims made by EU sources published in the Independent that Britain had rejected a clause exempting musicians from acquiring visas for trips to the EU under 90 days.

“Some reports have suggested we turned down a bespoke arrangement from the EU to allow musicians to work and perform across the bloc,” the government minister said at the time. “In reality, it was the other way around.”