WATCH: Dramatic footage shows 21 migrants arrive and disperse on Kent beach

Video footage has surfaced showing a boat-load of illegal migrants landing on a beach in Kent on Tuesday morning and before dispersing in an attempt to evade immigration officials.

Nigel Farage first broke the news, claiming an illegal vessel had landed at Walmer, Kent carrying 21 migrants, all of whom he said were “now on the run being hunted by the police.”

Footage of the incident was captured and posted on social media as the migrants arrived on land, ditched their life jackets and ran in-land.

A number of onlookers and dog walkers enjoying their morning stroll witnessed the dramatic scenes.

The clear breach of national security has not yet been widely reported and the whereabouts of the perpetrators is not yet known.

A flotilla of more than 50 migrants made the crossing yesterday, on a day when over 170 migrants attempted to reach Britain in boats from the continent.

Many were intercepted and returned to France by French authorities, whilst others were escorted to Britain and detained by immigration officials.

The spell of good weather is encouraging more migrants to make a trip which over 1,000 have now attempted in 2021, a figure that is up on the same period last year by 50 per cent.

A recent Europol report revealed that a record 15,000 illegal immigrants attempted to reach Britain via the Channel in 2020, with over 8,400 landing on British shores.

UPDATE: Mail Online is now reporting that the migrants split into groups upon landing but were eventually caught and detained by police, according to an onlooker who spoke to the newspaper.