30 BBC employees attended webinar on how to drink water

A new Freedom of Information disclosure forced by the muckraking blog Guido Fawkes has revealed how 30 employees at the national broadcaster attended a widely-mocked webinar teaching staff how to drink water.

This website reported last month how the BBC was widely ridiculed for the ridiculous staff training opportunity.

The webinar, which is called Hydration, claims to “help you to identify the importance of being fully hydrated and find practical ways to achieve this state every day and to understand how being fully hydrated will improve health, overall wellbeing and performance.”

The laughable training scheme lasted a full hour and drew the ire of BBC critics. Defund the BBC, the huge grassroots campaign that wants Brits to exercise their legal right to not have a TV Licence, said the ludicrous webinar proved the Beeb ““has absolutely zero respect for your money or you as a paying customer” and urged supporters to “switch to on-demand and do your bit to defund the BBC by legally cancelling your TV licence.”

Take-up of the scheme will reinforce public perceptions of the corporation as hopelessly out of touch with the concerns of normal people, with huge numbers of Brits now saying the BBC represents them badly and is drifting further and further away from ordinary Britons.

Growing public discontent with the BBC has emerged with more people expressing unhappiness with the outdated Licence Fee and the corporation facing record complaints over the Christmas period.

Things have gotten so bad that there will now be a parliamentary debate on Monday over scrapping the telly tax, with one Tory MP blasting the broadcaster for its constant stream of “Brexit-bashing, Euro-bleating drivel”.

The debate was forced by a huge grassroots effort that saw over 100,000 people sign an official petition on the government’s website. The government has confirmed that the current Charter calls for the funding scheme to be maintained until 2027, but growing public pressure will make a rethink more likely in the coming years.