77 more boat migrants land in Britain in just one day

A whopping 77 more migrants landed in Britain yesterday, crossing the Channel in four packed boats and being brought into Dover by British border authorities.

In a wild day for illegal immigration to Britain, Brexit icon Nigel Farage also shared footage that he purported to show “illegal migrants on the run”, blasting the British government for having “no intention of stopping this problem”. It followed video evidence of 21 migrants landing in Kent and running off freely into the country.

The shocking numbers form part of a chilling pattern of illegal migration thus far this year, with more than 300 sneaking in by February 10 despite cold weather and coronavirus travel restrictions.

And more than 50 showed up on Monday morning alone, highlighting concerns that passing winter weather could encourage an inflow of migrants that dwarfs even last year’s terrifying figure.

Migration Watch UK, the country’s top immigration think tank, have reported a 17% uptick in year-on-year crossings via this route.

The phenomenon is even more galling with reports that illegal migrants are not subject to the same harsh quarantine rules as returning law-abiding Brits, despite coming from God knows where and carrying God knows what.

Scenes of sickening lawlessness at migrant camps like Napier Barracks have rankled British taxpayers too, with reports that residents have sexually harassed charity workers and threatened staff with a knife.

Last month they staged a coronavirus regulation-busting protest for their “freedom”, leading to an outbreak of the deadly virus at the camp. When 100 residents were shuffled off to hotels at taxpayer expense, the camp caught on fire in an incident that local cops are investigating as arson.

Left-wing activists have hit out at conditions at the camp, declaring that the lodgings – which were once used by British troops – aren’t fit for migrant occupancy. But most have been less quick to condemn the continuing pace of illegal landings, which push Britain’s asylum system to the brink.

Shockingly the French did not report a single successful interception yesterday despite an eye-watering £28m border pact that should see France stepping up surveillance off their coast and increasing patrols.