POLL: Black Brits oppose BLM criminal vandalism

A new poll has revealed how the overwhelming majority of black Brits oppose toppling statues of historical figures, saying it’s an illegitimate form of public protest.

The data comes from a new poll by the esteemed Henry Jackson Society, which surveyed 1,000 Brits along with a 558 “booster sample” to closely gauge the opinion of Britain’s black minority.

The numbers showed how 84% of black Britons oppose illegally toppling statues of historical figures, with only 16% saying it’s a legitimate form of protest.

They also disapprove of violence directed against British police officers, with only 5% saying it’s acceptable to use direct force against the authorities.

Dr Rakib Ehsan, of the Henry Jackson Society think tank, reflected on the results of the survey and said: “The findings show that the vast majority of the British public, including black Britons, reject the view that types of civil disobedience and violence can be considered as acceptable forms of political protest.”

The information will force a gloating media to reconsider their position, after a summer that saw left-wing pundits celebrate while radical far-left anarchists trashed Britain and assaulted our cops under the absurd guise of anti-racism.

The most prominent flash point was the sacking of a statue of beloved Bristol philanthropist Edward Colston, who spent huge sums of money endowing schools and almshouses in the city.

The weekend that ended with Colston’s statue in a Bristol waterway also saw ugly scenes in the capital, where anarchists clashed with British cops.

The wild scenes came in the wake of unhinged global protests following the death of American criminal George Floyd, who was died during an encounter with police in the city of Minneapolis.

Since then, nearly 70 monuments to Britain’s heritage have either been trashed or put on the cutting block by woke councils trying to appease the vicious mob – whose politics, we now know, do not reflect the views of ordinary black Britons.