UK on course for over 10,000 boat migrants in 2021

New statistical analysis by the UK’s top immigration think tank has revealed how the pace of arrivals for foreign boat migrants is up 17% year-on-year in the first two months of 2021 – and that’s before the month of February even comes to a close.

Migration Watch UK has gone to painstaking efforts to build a comprehensive picture of reported entries by small boat, highlighting the growing tide of illegal immigration to the United Kingdom.

A 17% uptick means the UK is currently on track to see 10,194 migrants enter the UK illegally by small boat this year, but a constantly growing tally means the figures could already be out of date.

Adding yesterday’s Border Force haul of 77 boat migrants to the February 2021 figures points to an eye-watering 44% uptick in annual arrivals which, if the pace continues, would leave the UK with over twelve and a half thousand migrants arriving by boat this year.

That’s the equivalent of three military brigades or a fully staffed army division.

Growth in arrivals over recent years has been jaw-dropping, with the think tank highlighting how the number of migrants arriving by small boat increased 29-fold between 2018 and 2020, showing how pathetic UK enforcement efforts have encouraged migrants and people trafficking criminals to exploit national weakness.

The hard-hitting Migration Watch report also reminds readers of the £400m annual cost to taxpayers of housing the migrants, with 60,000 asylum seekers and failed claimants being housed on our buck over the next decade.

“The incentives are skewed and seemed geared towards encouraging, rather than discouraging, illegal trips that often lead to asylum abuse” says the paper.

They go on to highlight eye-opening stats about those claiming asylum in the country, leading many to suggest that the UK is being taken for a ride: “98% of those arriving claim asylum once landed, says the Home Office, even though they are traveling from a safe country from which protection is not required. However, 81% have been found by the authorities not to have a credible claim here in the UK. The asylum route should be reserved only for the truly needy.”