Vile sculpture of Thatcher’s severed head erected in her hometown

A ghastly sculpture depicting the severed head of beloved ex-PM Margaret Thatcher has been erected in her hometown of Grantham, at the site of an official but delayed bronze statue celebrating the iconic national leader.

34 year old artist Mark Robla, who recently moved to Grantham from North Wales, erected it without permission at 4am and boasted that he “saved the council £400k and displayed my new piece.”

He defended his decision to place the work on a plinth intended for a gorgeous new statue celebrating the iconic female politician: “Location of a sculpture is one of the most important things and my sculpture would not have the same impact unless it was placed on the same plinth where the bronze statue will be placed.”

One social media user suggested that “the ‘artist’ is obviously no fan of strong trailblazing women, having stuck what he says is Margaret Thatcher’s head on a pike” while former UKIP bigwig Paul Oakley declared bluntly: “Honestly – it’s crap.”

Thatcher was recently found to be the most popular Prime Minister in post-war British history, a fact that should come as no surprise given her three stonking general election triumphs.

She led Britain through the Falklands War, crushing Argentine agitators who demanded control of the British territory with decisive moves to defend the islands.

Her 1983 thrashing of hardcore leftist Michael Foot resulted in the worst Labour haul of seats in a generation, unequaled until the pathetic repeat performance of two-time loser Jeremy Corbyn in 2019.

Towards the end of her political career, she became a fierce critic of the European project, giving a powerful speech to the College of Europe at the Belfry of Bruges in 1988 which served as inspiration for the burgeoning Eurosceptic movement.

But she’s long drawn the ire of bitter left-wing critics for her strong commitment to conservative principles and the way her message of freedom and personal responsibility resonated with ordinary British voters.

Left-wing sickos worked hard to get “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead” to the top of UK music charts after her 2013 death, which left huge swathes of the nation mourning. In light of her incredible groundbreaking achievements, she was granted a ceremonial funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral attended by Her Majesty the Queen.