“Grotesque” Glasgow University no-platforms respected economist

Glasgow University is the latest seat of learning to make an outlandish no-platforming gesture. The university has banned economics professor, Gregory Clark from giving a lecture on genetics and society.

The title of the hotly anticipated lecture enraged the uni’s snowflakes, which prompted a request for Professor Clarke to drop the supposedly racist term “Bell Curve”. Clarke courageously refused and was struck off.

Outspoken academic, Professor Niall Ferguson rallied to Clark’s defence accusing Glasgow University of “wokeism”. 

“As if to illustrate my warnings about wokeism at UK universities, Greg Clark’s talk at @UofGlasgow was just “postponed” because of objections to the title,” tweeted Ferguson.

The talk, entitled, For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls: A Lineage of 400,000 Individuals 1750-2020 Shows Genetics Determines Most Social Outcome refers to a 1994 book linking race with intellect. With its focus on eugenics, the book is highly “triggering” for sensitive social justice campaigners determined to outlaw anything that causes offence, no matter how strong its intellectual foundation.

“To call Greg Clark a ‘eugenicist’ is grotesque. He is a brilliant and original economic historian, whose books I highly recommend,” added Ferguson, who was born in Glasgow.

Thickening the plot is Clark’s claim his talk would coincide with the university’s latest woke report, Understanding Racism, Transforming University Cultures. The report sets out a blueprint for “an inclusive space for all”.

“My talk was regarded as a provocation in this situation. I had a half-hour Zoom meeting with the dean. He would reschedule the talk if I agreed to change the paper title to not have any reference to ‘bell curve’. I have refused,” revealed Clark who is currently a visiting professor at the famously liberal, London School of Economics. What does that make Glasgow?

The City is quickly gaining a national reputation as a hotbed for woke intolerance. Last week, BLM activists held a protest to remove statues of two of Britain’s greatest war heroes under the banner “sack the racists”.