Germany’s vaccine roll-out overtaken by Morocco

The German press have been left reeling by the proud nation’s slow vaccination roll-out, broadcasting the fact it is now inoculating its citizens slower than countries such as Morocco as evidence of a total failure of leadership.

Its largest-selling tabloid, BILD has been highly critical of both the European Commission’s inadequate procurement process and the implementation of a competent vaccine roll-out by the national government. On Friday it ran on its website the headline: “Now Germany is being overtaken by Morocco when it comes to vaccination!

The comparison is particularly embarrassing consider the North African country only started administering jabs at the end of January but has already surpassed Germany’s doses per 100 citizens.

To date, Morocco has administered a first dose to 8 per cent of its population, whilst Germany continues to struggle behind on 6.2 per cent.

BILD highlights the inadquate infrastructure in place for jabs in Germany which does not even have 500 vaccination clinics nationwide. In contrast, Morocco has established 3,000.

Communications are also far superior in the African country where vaccine appointments are sent via SMS straight to a user’s mobile phone, whilst Germany’s correspondence differs in each federal state, with some appointments arriving by post and other citizens having to wait in a queue when ringing a hotline.

German has had a fractious relationship with the Commission in recent times after the EU executive botched the bloc-wide procurement of vaccinations, leaving Germany and others scrounging around for jabs.

And after Merkel’s government took steps to protect Germans from exposure to Covid-19 mutations being reported in neighbouring countries by imposing border controls, the Commission this week gave them a firm reprimand, demanding restrictions of free movement and goods were relaxed immediately and refusing to rule out legal action if Germany and other member states failed to comply.

The nation hasn’t helped itself either though, with disinformation over the efficacy of the Oxford Uni/AstraZeneca vaccine resulting in huge reluctance across EU member states to have the jab. Thousands of appointments have now been deliberately missed and millions of perfectly safe and effective Covid-19 vaccines remain on the shelves.