Sadiq Khan attacked for using BLM for his “own political ends”

London mayor Sadiq Khan has been accused of exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement and using it to boost his own political means by dividing Londoners.

Conservative candidate in the upcoming mayoral election, Shaun Bailey claimed Mr Khan used last year’s protests to “drive a wedge between communities” and “portray the police as an enemy.”

In an interview with MailOnline, Mr Bailey attacked the incumbent London mayor on multiple fronts, including his woke diversity commission tasked with destroying Britain’s cultural heritage and his “unrealistic” target of BAME officers making up 40 per cent of all Met officers recruited from next year.

Mr Bailey has vowed to scrap the contentious diversity commission established by Sadiq Khan on his first day in office if elected in May.

“I promise you it will go,” pledged Bailey. “It’s all about the politics of division and does nothing to bring people together or unite communities.

“Going forward, there is a debate to be had about diversity in our public spaces, but it should be an inclusive process and cannot involve trying to eradicate British historical figures just to elevate ourselves.”

Khan has faced fierce criticism in recent days after setting up a diversity taskforce to review London’s landmarks and street names.

The panel is comprised almost entirely of activists rather than historians and many are disturbed by their overt political leanings.

The Conservative mayoral candidate recently revealed his ten-point plan for London to deliver change after years of Labour rule.

His pledges include revitalising the police force by recruiting 8,000 more officers and reopening 38 police stations, reversing council tax and congestion charge hikes, investing in a “bigger, better transport network” and building 100,000 affordable homes.