18 murders in just two months in Sadiq Khan’s London

The murder rate in London appears to have hit a three year high according to shocking new figures collected by The Sun, which shows how eighteen murder investigations have been launched in the capital in just the first two months of 2021.

Met Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh also warned the newspaper that “it is going to get even worse” and voiced the concerns of ordinary bobbies who think the end of lockdown will lead the capital into “a silly season” of crime.

 “There is a major problem with gangs and youth violence in London and sadly I think it is going to get very naughty.

“There is a genuine concern among the police that we are moving into a position this summer where the levels of violence become unprecedented.”

He went on to suggest that “a perfect storm is being created” and a rising tide of summer crime could leave London cops struggling to cope.

Serious crime has become pervasive in local London news over recent years, with constant stories of stabbings and murders dominating London press.

Recent horrific incidents have hit national headlines too, with a spate of ten stabbings in a single night earlier this month in Croydon – a series of knifings that are all the more terrifying because of their apparent randomness and lack of connection.

One week later, a young lad was stabbed in broad daylight in a London park in front of hundreds of people, while another youth was found impaled by a crossbow bolt at a local train station.

Londoners are increasingly concerned about a culture of senseless violence growing in the capital, following disturbing reports about a newly-jailed teenage killer who boasted to fellow prisoners about slaying somebody with a machete.

Rahiem Anderson told fellow lags: “The machete got stuck in his head… yeah, the blood splashed on my face. When I pulled the knife out of his head, the blood was a mad thing. Then I shanked him again. It was funny, my man was laughing.”