33 more boat migrants reached Britain yesterday, with numbers up by 55% on last year

The UK’s Border Force brought another 33 migrants on two boats into Britain yesterday, increasing an already eye-watering 2021 tally even further.

This website reported earlier in the week how the increased pace of arrivals in the first two months of 2021 put Britain on course for well over 10,000 illegals arriving by small boat this year – the equivalent of three military brigades or a fully-staffed army division.

But the shocking Migration Watch analysis, and our own supplementary calculations, have already been thrown off by yesterday’s data which now puts migrant crossings in the first two months of the year up by an outrageous 55%.

If that pace is carried through the year, it would see Britain take in more than thirteen and a half thousand illegal boat migrants in 2021, as our national infrastructure continues to struggle under the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s compared to just 299 who entered Britain across the Channel in 2018 – an absolutely shocking 45-fold increase.

Out of yesterday’s attempts only 11 migrants were stopped by hopeless French authorities, who continue to underperform despite a £28m bung from the British taxpayer to up patrols and coastal surveillance.

Social media users hit out at the pathetic French performance, with one calling it a “token gesture by the French” warning that the 11 migrants they stopped yesterday “will be back”, while another questioned the government arrangement with French border authorities: “I thought the UK army drones and motorcycles etc donated to France [were] supposed to stop them. Calais is also in a supposed Covid lockdown.”

But others took direct aim at the failures of UK officials including immigration minister Chris Philp and Clandestine Channel Threat Commander Dan O’Mahoney: “Useless. Another 33 failures on your watch” said one Twitter user. “How much longer do we have to wait for the legislation to fix this problem? And once it is introduced, it had better not get watered down by the House of Lords. These illegal crossings need to be stopped.”