87 more boat migrants land in soft touch Britain in just one day

87 more migrants have reached the UK by small boat today as the migrant crisis in the Channel continues to worsen with seasonal bad weather fading away.

The 87 join 33 who arrived yesterday, meaning an eye watering 120 migrants reached Britain by small boat in just two days. That’s the equivalent of four military platoons or an entire army company.

This site reported on explosive claims from Nigel Farage earlier today, alleging that an entire boatload of the illegal migrants had tested positive for coronavirus. The Home Office, on the contrary, claim that only one of the migrants has tested positive for the deadly virus, putting the truth of the situation into question.

The Home Office’s claim has already been mocked by social media users, who allege that the contagious disease would have inevitably spread across the entire boat.

Farage’s argument about the importation of coronavirus is partially supported by publicly available data from Public Health England, which shows rising case numbers in Dover and nearby Thanet.

Today’s haul means arrival figures are now up a whopping 86% on 2020, which was already a record year for arrivals.

These updated figures now put the UK on course to see 16,177 boat migrants landing in the UK this year – a 54-fold increase on 2018 numbers.

French naval patrols were marginally more effective today, stopping 51 more illegals from successfully making the journey. But members of the public question how effective the intervention is, suggesting that the migrants will simply attempt to make the voyage again in the coming days.

With French patrols failing to halt the flood of illegal migrants into Britain, some are questioning the true value of the £28m cooperation agreement struck last year.

“I’m waiting for the next Anglo-French treaty to be unveiled. More money to be thrown at the problem, with the usual results… the numbers just keep on rising” said one social media user. “The French take us for fools, because we are.”