Boatload of illegals tested positive for coronavirus, says Farage

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage has explosively claimed in a radio interview this morning that a boatload of migrants ferried into Dover this morning has tested positive for the deadly coronavirus, while raising fresh concerns about a connection between the influx of illegal aliens and local outbreaks of the illness.

Speaking to TalkRadio host Patrick Christys this morning, Farage shared the stunning revelations: “The migrant boats are of course coming again. 33 are confirmed to have come yesterday and so far today, about 40 illegals have been taken into Dover.

“But what I can tell you exclusively is this: one of the migrant boats with twelve on board was picked up by Border Force, and I’m guessing one or two of the people on the boat didn’t look very well.

“Border Force Covid-tested the twelve on the boat and guess what? All twelve have tested positive. So Dover docks are in their own form of lockdown at the moment, with everybody getting dressed up in PPE.”

He went on to discuss sky high rates of the virus at Dunkirk and surging numbers in Dover and Thanet in the last week, while coronavirus fades away elsewhere in the county of Kent.

Taking aim at a useless £28m bung to French authorities that is supposedly being used to stop migrants, Farage claimed the French were in fact escorting the migrants across the Channel into British waters.

“We are literally paying the French to now import Covid into the United Kingdom, at the same time we’re being told by Matt Hancock we must stay at home.”

This site reported earlier today how 33 more migrants reached British shores yesterday, with hopeless French coastal patrols only stopping a measly 11. The current rate of arrivals leaves Britain braced for over 13,500 arrivals this year alone, in figures that will alarm law-abiding British voters.