Liberal Sweden: new study shows most rapists are from migrant background

A chilling new study from top academics at Lund University in Malmö, Sweden has revealed how nearly six in ten convicted rapists is from a migrant background and nearly half are born outside the liberal Scandinavian country.

The new evidence, published this week in the Forensic Sciences Research journal, will raise troubling questions for supporters of uncontrolled mass immigration.

The paper analysed over three thousand offenders who had been jailed for their sick sex crimes between 2000 and 2015, before the effects of Sweden’s decision to let in 162,877 asylum seekers at the height of the European migrant crisis had even been felt.

The data showed how over a third of foreign-born rapists came from the Middle East and North Africa while nearly one in five came from the rest of Africa.

It also highlighted how nearly a third received government welfare and nearly forty percent had low levels of educational attainment.

46% had prior convictions for violent crime and 37% had previously been cuffed by the authorities for carrying out crimes against property.

Migrant sex offenders are often tricky to deal with because of mad human rights laws that stymie common sense plans to ship them back to their country of origin.

This site reported two weeks ago how a British judge had blocked the Home Office from deporting a vicious Somali rapist who assaulted an innocent woman at knife-point, citing concerns that he could be persecuted for alleged mental health issues in the African country.

The phenomenon also chafes against politically correct dictates that govern the behaviour of many western police forces.

The British public was shocked in recent years when the extent of child sex grooming by Asian paedophile gangs was revealed after years of official cover-ups.

The then Home Secretary Theresa May went so far as to blame “institutionalised political correctness” for failures in Rotherham that saw 1,400 innocent British girls groomed and abused over the course of decades.