Number of cross-Channel migrants passes 500 this year

The total number of migrants who have illegally crossed the Channel so far this year has passed 500, the Daily Mail reports.

The tally reached 531 yesterday when 87 migrants made it to Kent, 51 more illegals were stopped by French patrols from entering British waters.

The numbers stand in stark contrast with last year. Twelve months ago, only 279 people had made the journey from northern France since the New Year. 2020 was a record year for migrant crossings. 8,410 are known to have made the hazardous journey in total. In 2019, it was just 1,850.

Earlier this week, Oxford-based think tank, Migration Watch said it expected 10,000 migrants to cross over to Britain this year, a 17% increase.

The Home Office has confirmed that Saturday’s bumper flotilla of migrants was down to unscrupulous traffickers taking advantage of the calm weather and bright skies.

A spokesperson also confirmed none of the 20 people rescued yesterday from an overloaded vessel tested positive for Covid-19 after Nigel Farage astutely observed Border Force officials are now routinely dressed head to toe in protective equipment.

In total, 308 migrants have been recovered in the Channel this month, spread across 18 different interceptions with light vessels. In January, the figures were slightly lower at 223 and 15.

The February increase reflects the same pattern as last year only with much bigger numbers. Border Force brought in 192 migrants in February 2020 (twelve boats) and just 87 in January split between approximately six crafts.

The Home Office spokesperson said: “People should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach and not risk their lives making these dangerous crossings. We are continuing to pursue the criminals behind these illegal crossings.

“Police patrols on French beaches and enhanced intelligence sharing between our security and law enforcement agencies have helped to prevent crossings.

“The government is also returning illegal migrants who have no right to stay in the UK to safe countries. In January, new rules were introduced which make asylum claims inadmissible where people have travelled through safe countries to get to the UK through illegal routes.”

Alarmingly, the spokesperson would not confirm how many people have been returned to the EU since the beginning of the year, although the Home Office intends on sending that information to the Home Affairs Committee.

It is a key detail as, in spite of the new legislation, recent events have illustrated the government’s weakness in the face of the all-powerful European Convention on Human Rights, allied with lawfaring social justice lawyers.

Last week, Farage attacked the convention calling for a “debate” after six immigrants appeared in court arguing the conditions of their lodgings at Napier Barracks infringed on their human rights.

“We have put together the best and the fairest judicial system in the world, but because of the world of human rights, it seems to me, the rights of bad people often are now superior to the rights of good people,” said Farage.