‘Stop Brexit’ man doesn’t realise the war is over, calls for UK-wide anti-Brexit protests

The ‘Stop Brexit’ man who stood shouting and screaming outside of Parliament for what felt like an eternity is organising a five-day long anti-Brexit protest across the United Kingdom.

Steve Bray, the Remain activist from South Wales who protested daily on College Green during the Brexit negotiations is calling the event “a fight for our lives and our future” and is calling on Remainers to protest UK-wide against “this corrupt government.”

The stunt is planned to commence on the five-year anniversary of the Brexit referendum of 2016, with demonstrations theoretically taking place across 10 UK cities, the majority of which voted to Remain in the European Union.

“It is just the start,” Bray tweeted about the planned protest, alleging that “for five years, Vote Leave and now this government has lied, cheated and deceived the UK… We have to send a message to these corrupt charlatans that is clear and sustained.”

The event is set for just two days after all lockdown restrictions are expected to be lifted, but Bray is calling for activists to start taking to the streets by as early as March 29 in groups of six.

“Sodem will be back at Parliament on 29 March in groups of 6 – Protest in groups of 6 locally is within guidelines anywhere in the UK,” the ardent anti-Brexit activist said.

“All groups take note, you can protest locally as 6 in multiple groups, whether 1000 groups of 6 etc, you can’t mix any of the groups of 6 though.”

One reply to Bray’s call-to-action in particular summed up how the event will go down in the opinion of The Foxhole: