Botched EU jab scheme unravels

The European Union’s failed vaccine roll-out scheme is unravelling quickly, with six countries now planning to go it alone.

Austria and Denmark are also now partnering with Israel on new manufacturing plans for the disease-beating medicines while struggling French premier Emmanuel Macron has been forced into a cringing U-turn on Britain’s AstraZeneca jab.

Austria, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic are abandoning the EU’s pathetic vaccine programme, with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz declaring: “We should no longer be dependent only on the EU for the production of second-generation vaccines.”

He went on to blast the European Medicines Agency – which Labour boss Keir Starmer wanted to keep Britain chained to – by saying: “the EMA is too slow in approving vaccines and there are delivery bottlenecks from pharmaceutical companies.”

Kurz and Danish PM Mette Frederiksen are visiting Israel this week to head up major talks with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu over new plans to cooperate on vaccine manufacturing.

Their break from the bloc joins a number of other countries who have broken ranks in recent weeks. Hungary was first out of the blocks, approving use of Russia’s Sputnik jab.

Poland has now joined them in requesting doses from Russia, while Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has taken his first dose of China’s Sinopharm solutiuon – which still hasn’t been passed by European regulators.

Czech PM Andrej Babis is also eyeing up the Chinese medicine too, defying European medical regulators.

While smaller countries break free of the chokehold of Brussels, EU wonderboy Emmanuel Macron has been forced into a cringing climbdown on Britain’s brilliant AstraZeneca jab – which he once wrote off as “almost ineffective for those over 65”.

This site reported earlier today how top British government advisor Professor Jonathan Van-Tam had blasted his suggestions, saying that claims about seriously reduced efficacy in higher age groups were “not immunologically plausible”.

But now Macron’s own government boffins have approved use of the jab for older patients, rubbishing his anti-vaccine disinformation. Ouch!