More Remoaners attack UK flag butter in latest sad clash with post-Brexit reality

More anti-Brexit whingers have lashed out impotently at brilliant supermarket packaging proudly bearing our glorious national flag, with one now saying it has been “besmirched with values I associate with UKIP and the Netional [sic] Front.”

The post from Twitter user Tony Afanasiew included an image of Morrisons’ Salted British Butter, made with British milk, and he went on to warn that “even Lidl & Aldi are at it, in case they’re missing a trick.

Afanasiew describes himself as a “Europhile hiking addict” and claims to be “always anti-establishment” despite his apparent support for the obscene anti-democratic elite power centre in Brussels.

His Twitter display name includes the #FBPE hashtag often used by obsessive pro-European social media users to highlight their fantatical support for the bloc, and his profile cover photo depicts a sad projection stunt suggesting that the UK may one day rejoin the hated political union – despite huge public opposition to the move.

His desperate tweet was latched onto by fellow travelers. “I won’t buy anything with a flag on it” said one social media user with a European Union flag in his Twitter display name.

“If it has a “Jack”, put it back” declared another, adding: “I’ll happily buy English spuds, Welsh lamb, Scotch beef, whatever, but “Britain” isn’t “a place” as far as being the source of foodstuffs is concerned. This is infantilising, Little Englander shite, and I won’t have it.”

Another said: “I literally refused to buy anything on with that rag of a flag on ,,, sooner is consigned to the dustbin of history and little England sinks in its own stupidity the better …”

This site reported last month how scientist Sophia Collins had been triggered by the UK’s beautiful union flag on the same package of Morrisons butter, comparing the gorgeous patriotic packaging to a “UKIP advert”.

We applaud Morrisons for proudly displaying our national flag on brilliant British produce and hope to see more of it as the supermarket giant carries out popular plans to roll out even more great British goods for shoppers.