42 convicted terrorists were unleashed on our streets last year

New statistical analysis published in the Evening Standard reveals that 42 convicted terrorists were freed from jail last year, including one who had received a life term.

The data also shows how 45% of terrorists who were caged last year will be eligible for release within just four years, with an additional 30% set to spend ten years or less behind bars.

The Home Office stats also reveal that one in five have been caged for a year or less, facing only a short stint on the inside before being unleashed on Britain’s streets.

The chilling numbers only strengthen public concerns about the UK’s soft approach to terror, with convicted terrorists being let loose on our streets to commit horrific atrocities on innocent Brits.

Fishmonger’s Hall terrorist Usman Khan was released from jail even though MI5 intel suggested he could be plotting an attack. He went on to slay young Cambridge graduates Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones in cold blood.

20 year old Sudesh Amman was caged for three years and four months for possessing and disseminating sick terror publications, but was back on the streets a little over a year later when he stabbed two innocent people – before being put down by hero cops.

Despite politically correct claims to the contrary, Islamist terrorists remain the overwhelming majority of convicts serving time for terror offences.

Over 74% of those serving time for terror offences are Islamists, despite Muslims comprising just 4.8% of the population at the time of the last census.

Is it any wonder the UK is in the state it in when the country’s former terror watchdog, now Director of Public Prosecutions, Max Hill was so adamant that it is “fundamentally wrong” to use the term “Islamist terrorism” in light of these shocking numbers?

You’d think, with this data to hand, that the government would be more energetic in their battle to end the swelling tide of unvetted illegal immigrants entering the country by small boat…