Macron in crisis: how left-wing exodus opens the door for Marine Le Pen

The Macron administration has been thrown into a state of panic by a shocking new report that show how a collapse in left-wing support for the pro-EU leader could see nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen win the presidency in 2022.

The report comes from major French newspaper Libération, who received testimony from hundreds of readers who said they would not again support Macron to prevent a Le Pen presidency.

Macron beat Le Pen by a wide margin in 2017, securing two thirds of the vote because of huge support from the left-wing of French politics – who held their noses and supported the young centrist to keep Le Pen out of office.

But now mounting frustrations with his struggling administration have turned off the left-wing voters who were key to his previous electoral success – and their abandonment of Macron could be a huge boon to National Rally leader Le Pen.

Among their frustrations are changes in pension rules, violent police crackdowns on Yellow Vest protesters, and cuts to wealth taxes.

“Left-wing voters feel hurt and humiliated. They feel they are being forced to vote for a candidate who has not respected them” said political science professor Rémi Lefebvre.

This site reported in January how a new poll showed Le Pen was just two points away from securing the French presidency if it comes down to a Macron vs Le Pen run-off – and subsequent polling has confirmed that Le Pen WILL likely face off against Macron in a return showdown.

Le Pen is now leading the pack in first round voting, with Macron hoping to make up ground when voters’ attentions are narrowed down to just him and Le Pen.

But now even top Macron allies are admitting that the Europhile leader faces potential defeat, with finance minister Bruno Le Maire warning supporters not to take their eye off the ball.

It wasn’t the first time that allies of the French president had warned about the nationalist threat. In January it emerged that Macron has dropped his 2017 vow to shake up France’s electoral system precisely because of Le Pen’s growing popularity.

Top En Marche! politician Christophe Castaner went so far as to admit the plans had been scrapped because “I am not in favour of bringing 100 RN MPs into Parliament.”