Politically correct cops mocked for woke dance routine

British cops have been raked over the coals by members of the public after video emerged of them performing a choreographed dance routine in front of an LGBT branded police car.

National Pulse editor and former Nigel Farage right-hand man Raheem Kassam highlighted the ridiculous footage on Twitter yesterday, saying: “British public? Still on lockdown. British police? Dancing with their LGBT branded car at the beach for their TikTok account.”

“What have we become” asked one social media user while another referred to the officers as “complete and utter helmets”.

“I bet the local drug gangs are bricking themselves” said a third.

Many users suggested possible hypocrisy, with law-abiding Brits being forced to lock themselves away under harsh lockdown rules while politically correct cops dance away at a local beach. “Yet I got a fine for going to a nature trail” complained one member of the public.

But others said that the video took place in the British Crown Dependency of Jersey, which is not currently under lockdown rules, identifying the site by the presence of La Corbière lighthouse in the background.

The video will add to a growing picture of British police losing their sense of purpose, making great displays of their left-wing political views while violent crime continues to spiral out of control.

Many members of the British public were sickened last year when Bristol cops under the command of Supt Andy Bennett let a mob of anarchists tear down a Grade II listed monument to beloved local philanthropist Edward Colston.

Bennett was later caught on film saying “maybe it’s time the statue is moved” and winking. He was subsequently rewarded in the New Year’s Honours list.

And two weeks ago Merseyside Police were criticised for displaying a bizarre banner outside a supermarket claiming “Being offensive is an offence,” before being forced into a humiliating public climbdown.