Piers walked after refusing to grovel to woke mob, report claims

Piers Morgan spectacularly quit his high-profile role as host of ITV’s popular breakfast show Good Morning Britain after the company’s top brass asked him to apologise for his critical statements about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, according to an insider account of the affair published by The Sun.

The maverick broadcasting legend, who has worked on the show regularly since November 2015, is said to have stuck to his guns and walked when bosses asked him to say sorry, apparently feeling the pressure of more than 40,000 Ofcom complaints from woke whingers.

An ITV source told The Sun: “Piers was not going to back down. He was asked to make an apology but refused. He says he is entitled to his opinion and is always going to stand by it.

“When he refused to apologise, there was a stand-off. And ultimately it ended with him telling producers he would not host the show anymore.”

The insider also said that Morgan’s contract was due to expire later this year and that he was not going to continue “unless it was on his terms.”

The controversial Monday broadcast did monster ratings, breaking the show’s all time record for audience share and closing the gap with its BBC Breakfast rival – but pathetic left-wing critics took to Twitter to attack the host and call for his sacking.

This site reported Morgan’s comments on Monday, when the firebrand commentator branded the pair’s bombshell interview “contemptible” and “an absolutely disgraceful betrayal of the Queen and the Royal Family.”

His views appear to be more in tune with the British public, with most Brits saying they have little to no sympathy for the couple.

Only 12% say they have a lot of sympathy, even if most out of touch liberal luvvies on British airwaves have gushed over their heart to heart with ultra-rich American celeb Oprah Winfrey.