The verdict is in: little sympathy for Meghan and Harry in snap poll

Opinion polling from the survey firm YouGov has revealed little public sympathy for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – with Brits being nearly three times more likely to say that have no sympathy at all for the couple than to say they have a lot.

The snap poll surveyed more than 2000 Brits and came in the wake of a sit down interview with American celeb Oprah Winfrey, which generated explosive headlines about racial tension and suicidal thoughts.

But the figures reveal that 33% have no sympathy at all for the pair while an additional 23% say they don’t have very much sympathy at all.

Just 29% said they had either a fair amount or a lot of sympathy for the couple, who have been feted by liberal media commentators but raked over the coals by people more in touch with the public mood.

Broadcasting legend Piers Morgan slammed the couple yesterday, branding their sit down interview “contemptible” and saying it represented “an absolutely disgraceful betrayal of the Queen and the Royal Family.”

Those saying they had a lot of sympathy for the couple were in the extreme minority, with just 12% expressing the sentiment.

Other figures show similarly unimpressed attitudes from the British public, with 47% saying the interview with the former American chat show host was inappropriate while just 21% said it was appropriate.

Much of the public criticism has centered around the limited ability of the Palace to adequately respond to the pair’s bombshell allegations given their high standards of public communication and unwillingness to air dirty laundry.

Media outlets have reported over the last day that the Queen, the Prince of Wales, and the Duke of Cambridge have been locked in crisis talks over how to respond, with Her Majesty unwilling to be rushed into a public omment.