WATCH | Violence on the streets of Bristol

Violence on the streets of Bristol this evening after thousands of people joined illegal protests largely aimed against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. Clashes with the police this afternoon appear to have severely escalated. Footage has been captured of fireworks being launched in the streets and of a police van on fire.

Woke warriors are furious with the government’s clampdown on civil disobedience following the Bill’s second reading in the House of Commons this week.

The legislation gives the police powers to take on activists of movements like Extinction Rebellion which are committed to causing havoc to reach their radical objectives. In future, protestors could face jail time for making excessive noise among other forms of disruption.

In anticipation of today’s protests, Avon and Somerset Police made a helpless plea for people to observe lockdown rules and stay at home, tweeting: “Our communities have already sacrificed so much as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We must all keep playing our part to stop any further spread.”

The police also warned that they would enforce order if required.

At approximately 2.00 PM, Police officers were forced to engage rowdy activists who had assembled around College Green in the centre of Bristol 

The site of exaggerated banners claiming England and Wales was becoming a police state as well as fascist gave way to frightening scenes of masked thugs causing damage to police vehicles, climbing on top of them and violently rocking them from side to side. This evening, witnesses took shocking footage of fireworks being launched in the street just yards aways from police officers. Vandals were filmed defacing a police station in front of a baying mob.

Deranged demonstrators were also captured trying to physically antagonise officers. Last week, London Metropolitan Police suffered a severe public backlash over its handling of the fallout from the vigil in Clapham, south London to Sarah Everard’s death.

The home secretary demanded a report on the back of reports the police had used excessive force, but the chairman of the police federation fired back, stating that the vigil was hijacked by wild protestors who abused officers.

Judging by the footage posted on social media today, aggressive demonstrators have been deploying similar tactics to try and bring the police into disrepute.

spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said: “Officers are engaging with a number of people who’ve turned up at the protest.

“We’d like to thank those who’ve agreed to leave for their understanding of why it’s still important to follow Covid-19 restrictions and protect all our communities from this virus.

“The protest has moved into Park Street and the fountains so we’re asking people to avoid this area due to the potential disruption to traffic.

“Officers are continuing to engage with those attending. Enforcement action will be taken retrospectively when necessary and proportionate.”