Border Force to be granted Australian-style powers to turn migrant boats around

Home Secretary Priti Patel is set to grant the UK Border Force new powers akin to those adopted by Australia under Tony Abbott to turn back boats suspected of escorting illegal migrants.

Australia first implemented the contentious policy of refusing migrant boats to land on its shores back in 2013, instead escorting the illegal boatloads to offshore detention centres.

The Home Office has not yet reportedly reached a consensus with the French on the way forward and remains in discussions about how best to tackle the ever-growing problem that illegal entry to Britain via the Channel has become.

The new powers however, due to be enshrined in the upcoming Sovereign Borders legislation will be viewed as a real statement of intent by the Home Office to crack down on illegal immigration.

A government source told The Telegraph: “All options are on the table. The Government is determined to do whatever it takes to stop these crossings which are dangerous, illegal and unnecessary because France is a safe country.”

The timely announcement comes as Britain experienced a huge influx of illegal migrants over the last 48 hours, with 183 arriving in six vessels on Monday and 67 successfully crossing the Channel in three boats on Tuesday.

The French also reportedly prevented three attempted crossings overnight and Tuesday morning involving 114 people.

Monday’s tally was the highest daily figure so far this year, and almost as many in one day as in the whole of March 2020, when 187 people arrived.

If the pace of arrivals continues for the rest of this year it would leave Britain on course for 22,036 illegal boat arrivals by the end of December.

Other policies in the bill include new plans to “speed up removals of failed asylum seekers and dangerous foreign criminals”, to impose maximum life sentences on people smuggling scum, and to stop illegals from immediately entering Britain’s asylum system if they crossed through a safe country like France.

It has even been reported in The Times that countries who refuse to accept the return of illegal migrants face having visas to Britain revoked.

The government also wants to provide resettled legitimate refugees with indefinite leave to remain and better integrate them into British communities.