Delusional Macron: My jab scheme will catch up with UK’s “in a few weeks”

Beleaguered French President Emmanuel Macron has bizarrely claimed that the French national jabbing effort “will have completely caught up with the British” within the next few weeks, despite data revealing that the UK has delivered more than three times as many doses per capita.

“In a few weeks we will have completely caught up with the British, who will meanwhile be increasingly dependent on us to vaccinate their population” said the French President, in a remark which appears to threaten the power of European blockades to Britain’s vaccine supply.

Contrary to Macron’s claim, Britain will next month be introducing another vaccine – Moderna’s – into the fight against coronavirus, and the jab may be largely immune to EU vaccine crackdowns because it is routinely filled and finished in non-EU Switzerland.

British government plans to produce more jabs at home, in addition to the extensive domestic capacity to produce AstraZeneca vaccine doses, are also underway with Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng holding high level talks last weekend with Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi to ramp up UK-based production.

But Macron has a mountain to climb to make his boast pay off, with France currently lagging behind the UK.

The latest figures from Our World in Data boffins shows that as of Friday, France was far behind Britain in the race to get its population jabbed, with just 14.95 doses doled out per 100 people compared to a whopping 48.64 jabs delivered in Brexit Britain.

The UK this weekend also passed another significant milestone in their fight against the virus, with authorities announcing that 30 million Brits had now received their first dose of the life-saving medicine – that’s 57% of the adult population.

Of the 30 million, 3.5 million have now received their second shot too and are considered fully vaccinated.

By contrast, just 6.1 million French citizens have been jabbed at all – a mere 11.7% of the French adult population.