“I don’t have remorse”, says Macron as despairing doctors warn of “saturated” wards

France’s catastrophic third wave of Covid infections is reaching crisis point with numerous doctors and scientists despairing at the government’s decision not to go into lockdown earlier in the year while staying loyal to the EU’s misfiring vaccine roll-out that has seen just 9.4 million people in France vaccinated.

Emmanuel Macron has struck out at his critics, saying “I don’t have remorse”, even while hundreds of people die in French hospitals each day. “It is an Airbus A320 crashing every day. Is it legitimate for a country like France to accept that,” said a Paris-based neurologist damningly. All the while the infection rate climbs.

The mounting crisis has forced doctors in the French capital to write open letters in the press criticising the government and warning the public of the horrors to come.

“We have a virtual certainty on the number of critical care beds that will be necessary and we already know that our care capacities will be exceeded at the end of this period,” wrote 41 doctors working in Parisian hospitals, who also prepared the public for the “catastrophe medicine” to come, once the B.1.1.7 strain of strain coronavirus – aka the Kent variant – has finished ripping through the population.

“We have never known such a situation, even during the worst (terror) attacks,” wrote the doctors, many of whom tended to the hundreds of Parisians brutally injured and mutilated by Islamic State terrorists during the night of the Bataclan attacks when 130 people were slain across the city. 

They added: “We already know that our capacity to offer care will be overwhelmed. We will be obliged to triage patients in order to save as many lives as possible. This triage will concern all patients, with and without Covid, in particular for adult patients’ access to critical care.”

“We’re going straight into the wall,” warned Catherine Hill, a hugely respected epidemiologist. “We’re already saturated and it’s become totally untenable. We can no longer take in non-Covid patients, it is completely mad.”

Nine more doctors wrote in Le Monde, France’s paper of record, with similar warnings: “When just one ICU bed is available but two patients could benefit from it, it consists of deciding which of them will be admitted (and will perhaps survive) and which will not be admitted (and will quite probably die). This is where we are heading.”

France’s president has abruptly deflected the growing anger against him after he publicly defied his scientific advisors by not taking France into lockdown in January.

“We were right not to implement a lockdown in France at the end of January because we didn’t have the explosion of cases that every model predicted,” Macron said last week. “There won’t be a mea culpa from me. I don’t have remorse and won’t acknowledge failure.”

Meanwhile, Macron continues to defend the EU’s vaccine scheme which is simply not delivering. Today this site reported his frankly delusional claim France is only “a few weeks” behind the UK’s world-beating vaccine programme, even though 30 million Brits have now received their first dose of life-saving medicine, that’s 57% of the adult population. Only 12% of French adults have been inoculated against Covid.

France’s EU Commissioner, Thierry Breton has been charged with turbocharging the bloc’s failing vaccine roll-out and has reinstated the threat to withhold EU-produced vaccines headed for the UK.

On Sunday, Breton told French radio 420 million people in the European Union would be jabbed by July 15. The EU is already three months into its vaccine roll-out with three and a half to go until it reaches Breton’s self-imposed deadline. So far less than seventy million people in the bloc have received their first jab.

“The vaccines are coming,” said Breton.

We shall see. In the meantime, France is braced for hell.