The Independent to admit MASSIVE ERROR in publishing royal family racism rant by phoney black aristocrat

Liberal rag The Independent will issue a correction for running a hatchet-job piece against the royal family by the Marquess of Anaville, published at the height of the anti-Meghan and Harry outrage following their Oprah Winfrey interview.

Thanks to some terrific investigative journalism, it has been discovered the Marquess of Anaville does not even exist, shaming the Fleet Street paper and forcing a correction.

A student from New York called Alexander J Maier-Dlamini (at least that’s what he calls himself on Twitter) has been posing as a conservative commentator and as a “black member of the [British] aristocracy”. He is nothing of the sort.

Hotshot journalist, Jay Beecher helped expose the Independent’s attempted hustle, highlighting the imposter’s claim to be the “last of the Irish peerages”. Beecher did his homework, finding no evidence of a peerage under the title “Annavile”. There are only 34 Marquesses. The last one was awarded in 1898.

By contrast, the The Independent let their guard down, choosing to publish Maier-Dlamini’s (fake) accounts of racism in the aristocracy, which helped reinforce the gobsmacking accusations made by the Duchess of Sussex in her Oprah interview.

Backing up Meghan’s explosive claim a member of the royal family speculated on her future child’s skin tone, Maier-Dlamini wrote in his piece: “I’m a black British member of the aristocracy – I know what Meghan said is true”.

At least one of these statements is incorrect.

“When a white peer either inherits or is brought in, never do you hear major questions. Whether it is recorded in Debrett’s or happens with little fanfare, white people entering the aristocracy are welcomed with open arms and no interrogation,” he added, suggesting he was able to win credibility with gullible independent editors because he knew what the Debrett’s guide is. The diatribe by the fake Marquess also included impressive references to the Lord Chancellor, Crown Office and Committee on Privileges. Heady stuff.

More damaging and more fictional was the account of how the mendacious Marquess was treated compared to his white peers. “A ‘show me your papers’ attitude has become part of my daily existence”, Maier-Dalmani wrote. “Asking for a family history from me when I arrive at functions, for instance, is de rigueur.”

He went on to say: “As a member of that same aristocracy, I’m telling you that I unequivocally believe that they are telling the truth”.

Maier-Dlamini had previously written for the St. Lucia Star under the fake Annaville title. He has previously claimed to be a conservative commentator.

After being foiled, The Independent withdrew the article from its website and today emailed Beecher to confirm a correction will be issued, not for the time being however.

“At the moment we are still investigating the full picture, and for various reasons we are currently unable to state the correct position,” one of the paper’s representatives stated in the email.

“But as soon as we have that information, we will issue a correction”

Maybe they need some journalists who can do decent research at The Independent. Just a thought.

To read more about the impressive fake Marquess sting, click this link.