Brexit campaigner calls for Boris to ban EU vessels from British waters after vaccine ban threat

The British government should stand up to Brussels by sealing off the UK’s territorial waters to European vessels, the director of a long-standing Eurosceptic campaign has said.

Jayne Adye who runs Get Britain Out called on prime minister Boris Johnson to “hit back and stop playing nice” with the European Union who is still receiving billions from Britain each year as part of the Brexit agreement, and has persisted with a plan to potentially block life-saving Covid-19 vaccines destined for Britain from leaving the EU.

Ms Adye told that bold actions would help to refocus the minds of Britain’s supposed European friends and partners as tensions continue to rise on both sides of the Channel.

“We threatened to come out on WTO rules. And that seemed to sort of wake them up a bit, they didn’t want to do that.

“But WTO rules would have eventually meant we actually did come to some agreement, I’m sure.

“At the moment, there just doesn’t seem to be any feeling that anybody is really concerned.”

Ms Ayde blasted the Eurocrats who continue to “slap us down”, insisting that Brussels will continue “to do the worst because they don’t like that we’re succeeding” outside of the European Union.

“If the Prime Minister wants to fight back against the EU’s attempts to bully the UK, while also focusing their minds on the critical issues, perhaps a total ban on EU vessels fishing in UK waters would be the best option,” Ayde suggested.

“This might just focus the EU’s minds on behaving responsibly.

“If we want progress on fishing rights, financial services and the vaccine fiasco, as well as all the other issues which need to be resolved, we have to hit back and stop playing ‘nice’, as they do not seem to understand what Boris Johnson means when he talks about being ‘friends and partners’,” she added.

The Get Britain Out campaign which first launched back in 2010 has tirelessly backed Britain’s ability to succeed as an independent nation but recently told its supporters that it must stop blinking first in every standoff it has with the European bloc.

In an e-bulletin sent to subscribers on March 19, Get Britain Out states: “It has become very clear to everyone now.

“The EU has no interest in seeing the UK as a ‘friend and partner’ – as the Prime Minister loves to call the EU – but as an adversary who they must undermine at every turn.

It’s time we pushed back against the EU and stopped playing the part of ‘Mr Nice Guy’, who always blinks first in a standoff and echoed Nigel Farage’s calls to cut off the Brexit bill payments “which we are still sending to Brussels every year, money we supposedly only agreed to pay as a sign of ‘good faith’ between the UK and the EU.”